Tools and Resources for Families
Formed Through Adoption,
Fostering, and Kinship

EMK Press publishes a variety of books and helpful resources as your families evolve on the journey of parenting. Our editors and contributors have a wealth of personal and family experience, professional expertise, and supportive advice. We believe in educating all those who participate on a child's team so you will find resources for teachers, social workers, therapists, agencies and extended family. Please let us know if there is a resource you can share or if there is one you don't see here by emailing us.

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Upcoming projects:

Recipes for Success
Cookbook and Words of Wisdom for Aging out Foster Youth

Find submission information and details here

The Kinship Parenting Toolbox
is in the final stages of production (publication date summer 2014)
more information here

The Adoption Parenting Toolbox
Call for submissions for this newly revised, updated, and re-created book
more information here


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