Meet Bob, our office cat. Bob has taught my kids much about adoption and abandonment as that was his story. He also should never have been born a white cat. He likes to wander in deep mud and sleep in the chiminea nestled in the ashes. He is also the sweetest and most loving little purrbox who sits on my keyboard when he doesn't get the attention he thinks he deserves.

Watch for a book about Bob on the horizon. We think he would make a great story!

-About Us

EMK Press is a publisher of books for families whose lives have been touched by adoption, domestic or international, are fostering children or work with foster children, are parenting relative's children in a kinship placement, are adoptees, or former foster youth. We have books to help parents do a better job of parenting the children who have come to them, we have books for children that allow them to voice their thoughts and feelings, and we have a book for teens to help them understand they aren't alone. Our mission is education for anyone involved with adoption, kinship or fostering. We have a wide variety of parent resources available for free downloading on our website. We are a small press with a distinct voice. Our books are helpful tools in the hands of parents and children in families formed by adoption. The voices that make up our contributors are authentic and real. They have BTDT and speak from experience, either professional or life based. We believe that information has power when it is shared and work hard to get information to those need it.


Meet some of the wonderful folks who make things happen at EMK Press:

The founder and Publisher is Carrie Kitze, an adoptive parent. She is active in adoption affairs and a speaker at a variety of adoption events worldwide on the topics of Adoption Parenting 101, Parenting with Narratives, Co-creating Lifebooks, Ceremonies and Rituals for adoptive families, and Discovering Differences, a workshop for Kindergarten through third graders. She is a past regional Families with Children from China coordinator, and has written for Adoptive Families Magazine and Adoption Today. She is the author of We See the Moon and I Don't Have Your Eyes and the creator of Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections which she worked on with her editors Sheena Macrae and Jean MacLeod. She co-created The Foster Parenting Toolbox with Kim Phagan-Hansel, a resource for foster parents and those who work with the children in care. She is currently a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in NJ. In 2013 she was recognized as an Angel in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. She spends more time on publishing functions than writing functions these days but has several new projects on the horizon including a book called The Kinship Parenting Toolbox, with Kim Hansel and a cookbook for youth aging out of foster care.


Kim Phagan-Hansel, editor of The Foster Parenting Toolbox is also the editor of Fostering Families Today and Adoption Today magazines. She is a freelance writer for several other publications as well. Kim earned a bachelor's degree in English-Journalism from Chadron State College and has worked in the publishing industry for 13 years. She is also a wife and mother.

Sheena Macrae, MA,, PhD (Senior Editor) is the married fulltime mum to two children adopted from China.  She’s serves on a local authority Adoption Panel in the UK, specifically offering knowledge of intercountry adoption, as a disabled adoptive mum, and an adoptive parent who has successfully appealed being rejected by Panel. Her family return yearly to China to enable the children to maintain vital links with their birthcountry. Her adoption work encompasses a spell as ICA Country Fact-Sheet Editor for a UK adoption support group. She has worked with Adoption UK in consultation responses to new adoption legislation. With close links with Surrey Intercountry Adoption Team; she has worked with them in their preparation programme for prospective inter-country adopters. She has been published on various aspects of parenting intercountry adopted children in various adoption journals and books in the UK, USA and Australia. She is the Topic Editor at EMK Press’s Yahoo listserv “Adoption Parenting”, producing a fortnightly ‘magazine’ on various topics. She is also Co-Editor of EMK Press’s title Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections, July 2006. Her most important job is being the available mum to two kids who are the light of her life.

Bert Ballard, PhD, is an adoptee, adoption researcher, and future adoptive parent. He is passionate about providing adoptees a space where they can share their stories and experiences, and he has helped form two adoptee-led organizations, the Vietnamese Adoptee Network and the International Adoptee Congress to that end. He has been published in Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections and Adoption Today magazine and has spoken across the U.S. and Canada to numerous adoptive parents and adoption professionals sharing his experiences as an adoptive person from Vietnam. Bert has a PhD in communication from the University of Denver and conducts research on adoption identity and adoptive families. He has two scholarly articles coming out soon. Bert is the editor of EMK Press’ latest project, Pieces of Me: Who do I Want to Be?, a groundbreaking work for adoptive teens. You can find out more about the project by clicking here.

Bert is married with two daughters and a son they adopted from Vietnam.


Jean MacLeod, author of At Home in This World and co-editor of Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections, is a free-lance writer who has been published in Adoptive Families Magazine, Adoption Today Magazine and in the adoption essay book "Passage to the Heart". She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/ Creative Writing from Western Michigan University. Jean has co-developed and facilitated a series of parent education workshops on attachment, transition, trans-racial families and the lifelong core issues of adoptees. She also has a position on the Spaulding for Children Post-Adoption Resource Coalition, and advocates for adoption awareness by providing local, state and national resources to families requiring pre and post-adopt information or assistance. Jean is the mother of three daughters, two of whom were adopted from China. Find her website here

We publish books that allow the voices of the children to be heard. Also, for parents, information is so important as we each head on the journey of parenting adopted children. The parent guides we have avaliable for download are resources from relevant professionals and other parents to help each of us learn more about the needs our children will have as they grow and mature. We hope you find these guides helpful. Click a button on the side to find information helpful to you or your specific family circumstance.


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