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Our office hours are 9-3 Monday thru Friday. If you can't reach us by phone, please email as we check it often.

We guarantee our books. If you are unsatisfied, please return your books and we will refund your money, minus shipping charges.


We are a small press and get many more submissions for books than we could possibly print. We also don't have a lot of extra time to be reading the mountain of these that seem to pour in weekly. So please don't just submit to us, submit to any publisher you think might be interested. We will get back to you when we have the time. It might be 6 months or more.

Here is what we don't want:
1. Books that rhyme
2. Books that address only one segment of the market (like China or Ethiopian adoption or a child from a specific country with a specific special need)
3. Books with cutsie themes (ladybugs, red threads---trust me I have seen way too many of these, striped and spotted animals like Horace.)
4. Books about your adoption journey to your child (although that can be a part of a lifebook, see our parent resources section to see how to make one for your child.)
5. Books written from a certain perspective (ie. birthmother) and you aren't one.
6. Children's picture books.
7. Memoirs.

Here is what we are looking for currently:

1. Books for tweens and teens
2. Books that cover adoption that are more broad brush that can relate to domestic, international, kinship and foster situations. The market is small, and the broader your reach with your book means a more interesting product to us.
3. Books by adoptees and birthparents that are tools for the triad.

Please send hardcopy of potential manuscripts with cover letter via surface mail to the address above with submission on the envelope. The cover letter needs to describe how your book fits an unmet need in the adoption, fostering, kinship, adoptee book market, competitive books to it and your credentials for writing it. Include an email address in your communications with us as we reply to all unsolicited manuscripts via email. Do not send us your only hand made copy. Manuscripts sent without self addressed/postage paid return envelopes will be shreaded prior to disposal. Manuscripts sent without an email address for communication will be shredded without being read.

Before you send in a submission, do some research in the market your book fits into. Query letters without a competitive analysis will be rejected outright.

The books we publish need to be a tool for the reader or listener of the book. With your submission, please explain how your book would help adults and children. Please explain how your book is unique and meets an unfilled need in the adoption market.

Query letters only may be sent via email to this email. Please, no attachments. If your book is short, it can be placed in the body of an email. If your book is longer, include the first chapter in the body of the email.

Due to the quantity of submissions we receive, please allow at least 20 weeks for a response. Keep in mind we are a really small publisher....


Parent Guides:
If you have material that would be useful to share with other parents, or you have a great trick or tool, consider writing a parent guide for us. Unfortunately, we don't pay for these submissions but your words and tools will be helpful for so many adoptive families and we link to your website, blog or reference your book. If you have an article you would like to share with us, send us an email


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