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The following are some links compiled by the editors at EMK Press. Please let us know if you have a recommended link. Email us

E-Groups at for adoptive parents
A huge compilation of internet listservs on General China Adoption, Orphanages and Provinces, health and development, China adoption discussion groups, local FCC and other regional and international groups, DTC lists of China adoption discussion groups, diverse family types, China adoptive family activities and interests, and adoption agency lists of China adoption discussion groups.

Adoption Learning Partners
Adoption Learning Partners, founded by The Cradle, seeks to improve adoption outcomes for all members of the adoption circle by providing a vibrant, innovative, educational resource on the Internet. The vision of Adoption Learning Partners is to offer highly valuable, timely, web-based educational resources for adoptive parents, adopted individuals, birth parents and the families that love them. These are great learning courses and are free. The only fee you pay is if you want a certificate, and what a nice way to support this non-profit.

Choosing an Adoption Agency by Lori A. Lammers

Adoption Agengy Checklist
This is a great checklist for helping you evaluate an adoption agency and give yourself a heads up on some of the practices in international adoption

Questions for Private Adoption Agencies
This is a good list of questions to ask potential agencies

Baby Names
Each year the Social Security Administration in the US puts out a list of popular baby names

Translated Baby Names for Ethiopian Children

Baby Signs
A great set of tools to teach your toddler to communicate with you.

Lifelong Issues in Adoption
By Deborah N. Silverstein and Sharon Kaplan

Karen's Adoption Links
& List of Adoption Listservs for International Adoption & Adoptees
Adoption from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, FSU, CIS, Eastern Europe, Worldwide; Funding for Adoption; Single Adoption; Multi-cultural Products; Poetry and Inspiration; Orphanage Addresses; Adult International Adoptee Information; Sibling Registries; International Birth family

ADOPTION PARENTING E-Group: This e-group provides a network of information, resources and insightful adoption parenting advice from professionals and from "parent experts". It's topic driven and the topics change every two weeks. Topics are archived and it has been a tremendous resource. You need to be parenting adopted children to be approved for membership. EMK Press sponsors this group.

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