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Realistic Expectations for Kinship Families

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Realistic Expectations for Kinship Families

Deciding to take a kinship placement is a
huge commitment and leap of faith!
The best kinship parents share that being prepared and connecting with other families like theirs is a step on the road to making the right decision for their families and being successful. Following are some articles we have found helpful for new kinship families and those deciding if a kinship placement is right for their family...

This 30 page free guide offers information on a variety of subjects.

Here's what's inside:

Get Your Kinship Toolbox Ready
By Jan Wagner

Seven Tips for New Kinship Caregivers
By Alison O'Donnell Caliendo

Glossary of Acronyms Used by Social Service Departments
By Angie Hurley

Legal Relationship Options
By Generations United

Financial Resources for Relative Caregivers
By Generations United

“The Jigsaw Puzzle Child”
By Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW

Emotional Rollercoaster
By Betty Hanway

Visitation Tips
By Andrea B. Smith, PhD and Linda L. Dannison, PhD

Tips for Dealing with Your Adult Child
By Andrea B. Smith, PhD and Linda L. Dannison, PhD

Making Time to Take Care of You
By Sue Badeau

"Smart Enough" Parenting
By Sue Badeau

Ten Keys to Healing Trauma in the Adopted Child
By B. Bryan Post


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Realistic Expectations for Kinship Parents





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