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Snapshots of Reunion
Adoptees, first parents, and adoptive parents share their stories

EMK Press, a leader in innovative publications and resources for people affected by adoption, is working to create a new book that takes a look at adoption reunion from all sides of the triad: Adoptee, First Parent, and Adoptive Parent. This book will explore the uncharted risks, pitfalls, and emotions that are a part of an adoption search, reunion process, and the life after reunion from the perspectives of those involved and impacted.

Below are listed the articles that have been selected to be included in this groundbreaking book. Congratulations to those who have been selected.

Our timeframe on the book has shifted, however. The end of last month marked a profound change for our editor, LewEllen Singley, with the death of her wonderful husband. We will post status updates here as they become known to us. You can read more on her blog According to Addie and send her a note of support.

Section 1
Nancy Heskett: Why Search Matters
Gerard Wozek: Inventing My Birthmother
Phil Mouch: What I Hoped For
Judith Gero John: Counting Toes
Jane Petitt: I Always Wanted to Search
A. M. Kelley: Unfinished Reunion
Renee DeLuca: Anatomy of a Successful Reunion
Sharon Mashel: Deciding to Search for Birthfather
Jeff Hancock: Shock of Discovery

Section 2
Ann Kazala: Adoption and Reunion – New reunion
Joy Madsen: Do You Feel Like Swimming
Wanda Seekins: Declassified & Reunited! Mother
Amanda Woolston: Declassified & Reunited! Adoptee
Kate Reinke: My Reunion
Casey Swift: Incomplete Reunion
M. B.Kelley: 8 Yr Old Reunion
Linda Schellentrager: Open Adoption Opens

Section 3
Samantha Franklin: Thanksgiving
Jane Petitt: Gravediggers
Marsha Roberts: Adoptee lite
Mike Milton: Setting a New Direction
Deanna S Pitman: Final Goodbye
Tanya Reid: Who I’ve Become
Lynn Grubb: My Two Mothers
Angela Wheelock: Daughter-Stranger
Samantha Franklin: Living Apart

Section 4
Ann Kazala: Personal Myth
Bert Ballard: Vietnam Reunion
Rosemarie Allaire: Meeting Mark
Constance Poveromo-Germer: Adopted in US
Sharon Mashel: My Reunion Afterthoughts
Michael Allen Potter: Ten Years After
Joan Schumack: Unraveling My Origins
Kelly Gryting: Reunion Stories
Holly Transue: Matter of Perspective

Section 5
Joann Carolus: My 3 Dads
Jeff Hancock: Kristine Miracle
Rosemarie Allaire: Meeting Mark
Tanya Reid: Search and 1st Meeting
Joe Pessolano: My Name is
Triona Guidry: Moving Beyond Rejection
Cathy White: November 1970
Michele Kriegman: The Phone Call

Section 6
Denise M Hoffman: My Protective Ego
Jean Hollis: Riding the High & Low
Jean Hollis: Coming into Your Life
Jean Hollis: Mixed Heritage
Jean Hollis: I Am Gathering
Michele Kriegman: My Rite of Passage
Roxanne St Peter Reese: Clearing the Smoke
Kara Olsen Theiding: I’m Not Lost
Louise Benvenue: Adoption Story

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