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WISE-Up Powerbook

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-W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook

By Marilyn Schoettle, M.A.

Did you know that nearly all kids who are adopted by their families get asked questions about adoption? And most of the time it happens when their parents aren't with them. How do you help your child to prepare and give the answer they feel like giving and keep the ownership of their adoption story with them? We parents sometimes struggle to find the right answers, think of how our children feel. This workbook format book is great for kids to learn how to answer questions about their adoption and helps them to normalize their feelings about adoption. (Includes an 8 page pullout parent guidebook) (30 pgs., ages 6-12)

Geared for ages 6-12, this book provides adopted children with the tools to handle comments and questions about adoption. W.I.S.E. Up!sm gives children (teens and parents, too!) the power to choose how to talk about adoption with others! Children need W.I.S.E. Up!sm when they begin to be asked questions about adoption and their adoption story.

This TOOL is important when the children begin to hear that others are noticing some differences about how their family was formed. For children in transracial or transcultural families, that may begin as early as age 3 (“Why don’t you look like your mom?”) and for others, it may not begin until ages 6, 7, or 8, when their friends may begin to be curious about their adoptive family (“Why were you adopted?”).

This book works well when the children doing it can read and write.

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Thought from EMK Press:
We like this book as it helps children develop strategies and do roleplaying on how to deal with a variety of situations. This is wonderfully transferable to other school situations like bullies. C.K.


If you are interested in the WISE UP Powerbook, your child might be interested in this book as well.....

This book works with the same age group as the Powerbook does and will allow your children to really understand their adoption story from the viewpoint of a child. My kids have loved doing this and it has opened up new avenues of discussion as well. CK

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